Our focus at Revolugo is to provide a new housing experience for the event industry. We aim at providing the most user-friendly hotel booking platform, fast and easy to integrate, free, that offers the best available rates on hotels.

As the event industry is a broad market, it is critical to understand the nature of the event, its industry and size, and the type of attendee, in order to select and provide the right accommodation solution to each type of organizers, either for corporate events or great public events (trade shows, conferences, congress, festivals..). In fact, whether you are a professional attending a corporate event or a just a tourist who booked a ticket for a festival, housing needs will be different, from the type of accommodation to its distance from the venue, and budget per night.

Public events usually refer to large fairs that welcome a young audience or families. Those events benefit from a large communication, whether online or offline. Those events are often distributed by different ticketing platforms. There is no seasonality for this type of event, as they are held all year long, but some of them are organized during specific periods.

Here is a summary of public events attended by thousands of people every year.

- Sports events are the first ones to come to mind (tournament, world cups, championship games). The two biggest sports events are the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup, they are held every four years and gather hundreds of thousands of people, delegations and teams. The most common attendees for those events are teams, staff, sponsors and fan delegations.

- Cultural events encompass mostly local experiences, theaters, concerts, art exhibitions. Attendees usually live nearby, but some of them travel long distance to attend those ones, especially when it’s the unique concert of well-known artists playing in a city. Besides, fans usually book hotels nearby the concert hall, for them to have a short drink or dinner afterwards and rest.

- Festivals could be listed as an industry itself. In fact, some of those events are attend by hundreds of thousands of event-goers. Festival are mainly held from Spring to Summer, but new type of festivals spread, like winter editions of international events (Tomorrowland for example). Organizers usually manage on-site accommodation, with tents and camps. They usually can’t host all festivalers, hotels and apartments are becoming attractive for last-minute attendees.

Corporate events, or professional exhibitions typically gather thousands of attendees, that are either exhibiting their latest innovations or visiting their customers or suppliers. Those events are usually held in large convention center for a few days.

Here is a short list of event types that we can name to get a gasp of what that industry looks.

Corporate and business events are composed by:

- Trade Shows are those main events where goods or services providers showcase their latest products at their booths and get the attention of potential clients with large flags, stands. Exhibitors are always looking for the closest hotels to the event venue as a full-day standing and talking is usually exhausting. Visitors, those professionals who come to discover potential new partners or suppliers usually prefer hotels located in the city center with close/convenient access to the show. Buyers for instance, can do business and discover the city once meetings are over.

- Conferences gather leading voices and experts in a specific industry, to share their knowledge, and discuss about industry topics. You can find public speakers and some exhibiting companies. Most conferences host between 300 and 800 attendees who often come from different countries. Participants attend conference to maintain a strong network in their industry and enjoy city tours as well. Those attendees tend to select hotels with higher rates than the average.

- Symposiums gather specialists of a given domain to discuss their views and share among them the really newest updates in their field. It is always highly technical or scientific. Most commonly, Symposiums are organized by PCO (professional congress organizers), that are mandated by healthcare and medical institutions. Organizers tend to gather all those attendees in the same hotel, or in two or three different hotels, depending of the size of the event.

- Seminars and workshop are typically internal corporate events, held to build a common spirit within a company and work on future projects exploiting the creativity of every one. Some of those events are organized in touristic destinations (offsite and incentives), and handled by travel agencies.

Then, you have events that mixes professional and public attendees, where people come to discover the latest goods and products from the companies they love:

- Trade fairs are a good example of, we can name the Motor Shows where everyone can buy a car from car constructors.

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